I think i´ve managed to make something out of music. With the help of friends, or fans that have told me how they like my singing, I try to keep on writing..But to lose, is all that comes to mind. To lose myself, my direction, my thoughts, my dreams.. That’s what I am best at doing. The Art of losing. By Elizabeth Bishop. A song perhaps finds something, but I’m probably busy looking for my keys.. Anyways, I love singing. Jeg elsker å synge. Big smile.

4songs (2011)

  1. You Belong
  2. Danse, Mon Amour
  3. Cold
  4. I Listen

In Your Pages (2005)

  1. When We´re Together
  2. In Your Pages
  3. Your Heart In This
  4. Butterfly Girl
  5. Off The Ground
  6. Into The Night
  7. Famous Blue Raincoat
  8. Was It You
  9. Sweetheart From Your Hometown
  10. Purchasing New Hearts
  11. The Rain May Fall
  12. Love, But It Isn´t You

Chase The Blue (2003)

  1. Chase The Blue
  2. Let´s Talk About Love
  3. Over The Moon
  4. Promise I Broke
  5. For What This Is Made Of
  6. Young Woman
  7. Under The Stars
  8. Lovin´ In My Baby´s Eyes
  9. Be Mine
  10. Dear Handbag
  11. Walking

Embrace Me (2000)

  1. A Home Out There
  2. Along The Riverside
  3. Love Hurts
  4. High and Deep
  5. Embrace Me
  6. Garden of Magic
  7. Keeping This Heart
  8. Dawning Day
  9. Waltz