L’élégance du hérisson..a search for a Dutch Still Life

Reading is traveling, right ? I finished reading this one in two days, and now I have to start reading it all over again. What was it she said ? ” Art is feeling without desire”.. or ..” The important thing is not how you died, but what you were doing when you died “. I am not planning on dying. Who can ? But this is a good book.. a great book, even. It led me to explore some 17th century Dutch painters, to try and find the still life described in the book. But I didn’t succeed. Johannes Vermeer, and his Girl with a Pearl Earring, will do.. Apparently, Michael Siegel has some wonderful alternatives to a still life, too. Crackled Mexican Amber. Another quote from the book..” To find the always in the middle of never “, I think it was. Muriel Barbery, French novelist and professor of philosophy.

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  1. askanjsn 1. Feb at 21:43 #

    salut karen jai bien ecouter vos music sur youtube ;ais tu fais des nice sound

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    Merci, Askanj… 🙂

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