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Wishing “bonanza” for my sisters wedding..

So I am going to sing a few songs the 23rd of April at Bonanza Bar in town, in honor of my sister and her mans wedding in Tucson this month. They are the best, and I hope their day will be bliss. I wish I could go…I miss my family there. The concert starts […]

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I was not able to enjoy fully working everyday with children, until I turned my ego off. It felt like turning off a big “grown up ” clock that had been ticking endlessly about what to achieve and what to earn, what was my value as an adult measured in which kind of success ? […]

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You are nature

No real laughter can sound in dreams landscape when trapped inside designers mind But upon the wild grass can a voice be heard and it will speak to me kind Love is always lost in dreams but not in nature, not in the wild I woke to see you and I made a sound the […]

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L’élégance du hérisson..a search for a Dutch Still Life

Reading is traveling, right ? I finished reading this one in two days, and now I have to start reading it all over again. What was it she said ? ” Art is feeling without desire”.. or ..” The important thing is not how you died, but what you were doing when you died “. […]

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4songs Ep is on WIMP

I think this is a pretty amazing thing… and I can’t wait ’till 3rd of January 2011. Thank you, WIMP.

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…and it’s a beautiful day to…

not be outside in the freezing cold weather. No matter how norwegian I am. My band is put together and that is great, so soon, some concerts will manifest. Meanwhile, I am listening to christmas classics. Comforted by the songs of Luis Armstrong, I will decide on how to cook Turbaconducken. No challenge in the […]

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..write something in yellow..

because it captures the lost spirit of golden summer nights while really there’s a grey, november moon out, squinting its cold gaze at me through the window. I can’t wait to write more yellow songs… It will be another long winter, but do I write happier songs, warmer songs in the summer ?  No, I […]

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