…and it’s a beautiful day to…

not be outside in the freezing cold weather. No matter how norwegian I am. My band is put together and that is great, so soon, some concerts will manifest. Meanwhile, I am listening to christmas classics. Comforted by the songs of Luis Armstrong, I will decide on how to cook Turbaconducken. No challenge in the kitchen is too big for me, I say to myself. The kitchen is like a magical heart. Or was it the other way around ? A mexican philosopher explained it to me in a book. I believe anyone who makes me feel great.

5 Responses to …and it’s a beautiful day to…

  1. Cawide 12. Dec at 23:44 #

    Mmmmm I like Luis Armstrongs music too…. he is really kul.

    • Karen 13. Dec at 02:09 #

      Look at him play 🙂

  2. Roger 13. Dec at 10:46 #

    Tell mi… do you live your texts? They are so beatyfull.

    • Karen 13. Dec at 19:43 #

      Maybe in some respects, but words change me, a song is sometimes a prayer, or sometimes a wish or a dream. Thank you . k

  3. cawide 13. Dec at 14:53 #

    I so him playing on youtube….. amazing!

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