I was not able to enjoy fully working everyday with children, until I turned my ego off. It felt like turning off a big “grown up ” clock that had been ticking endlessly about what to achieve and what to earn, what was my value as an adult measured in which kind of success ? As I searched for jobs, one day I was very fortunate to be welcomed into a world of wonders. Children. Did I not need any education to work as an assistant ? It seemed strange, but trust builds trust, and I gave it my best. I have consistently worked in daycare 4 years this october 2011 !! It feels good. The poem, ” The wrong house “, from the book ” When we were very young “, by A.A. Milne, was first published in 1924. It contains a poem about a world of wonder that is lost by some, but found by the inquisitive, brave child who, as illustrated in the book, goes all the way up those big steps and into a garden where the blackbird is singing in the may-tree. My great grandfather had a seventh edition of the book which he gave to his youngest daughter Mei Mei, in The Norwegian mission, Yiyang, Hunan. She gave it to me for christmas the year my first album was released. The poems are dedicated to Billy Moon, as he prefers to call himself, it says in the inscription.


I went into a house, and it wasn’t a house,
It has big steps and a great big hall;
But it hasn’t got a garden,
A garden,
A garden,
It isn’t like a house at all.

I went into a house, and it wasn’t a house,
It has a big garden and a great high wall;
But it hasn’t got a may-tree,
A may-tree,
A may-tree,
It isn’t like a house at all.

I went into a house and it wasn’t a house –
Slow white petals from the may-tree fall;
But it hasn’t got a blackbird,
A blackbird,
A blackbird,
It isn’t like a house at all.

I went into a house, and I thought it was a house,
I could hear from the may-tree the blackbird call….
But nobody listened to it,
Liked it,
Nobody wanted it at all.

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  1. rene 9. Dec at 23:39 #

    lovely , veyy lovely the tunes you are sining and playing 🙂 an elder musician from the swiss alps !! hope you will ontinue ! kisses René

  2. rene 9. Dec at 23:40 #

    very lovely singing continue

  3. rene 9. Dec at 23:40 #


  4. Karen 7. Jan at 17:38 #

    Thank you so much, Rene. Your name is inspiring…;)

  5. helen 26. Jun at 13:02 #

    Hei 🙂
    Tusen takk for dette!
    (and yes, I sent you also a thank you email today. I just went to close your webpage here and ended up reading your post instead: I found myself in that garden with that child. bless you for reminding us how our ego can be a barrier to communication… eg har nettopp utdannet meg som naturfag lærer her i Norge 🙂 du skriver gode råd!

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